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The largest components of the sector include wholesale and retail trade , government, real estate, finance, and health and social services.

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Lake Erie and the Ohio River provided east-west passage for native traders, pioneers, and settlers, and many rivers provided access to the interior. Development of a more extensive transportation infrastructure began shortly after statehood. In the first steamboats appeared on the Ohio River and seven years later on Lake Erie. In the s the era of canal building began, and it lasted for some 30 years. Between and the federal government extended the first national highway, the Cumberland National Road , across Ohio. The first railroad was constructed in , and in the s the great east-west rail lines were constructed across the state.

Moreover, Ohio has more railroad mileage than most other states. The pioneering experiments of Wilbur and Orville Wright of Dayton ultimately led to the first successful aircraft flight—at Kitty Hawk , North Carolina , in Dayton has since become home to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, both a testing and a commercial aviation centre.

Major international airports are located in Cleveland and Columbus ; several other airports provide limited international service, and some two dozen airports offer domestic flights. More than smaller public air facilities are scattered across the state. You are using an outdated browser. Please upgrade your browser to improve your experience and security.

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An Inventory of Gubernatorial Archives in the 50 States

Load Previous Page. Full text database specifically for primary sources.

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Follow screen instructions. American State Papers. Full text database for congressional and executive department reports and documents for Black Thought and Culture.

Primary Sources

From the eighteenth century forward. British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries. Covers Congressional Publications. Indexes House and Senate reports, documents, hearings, and committee prints. Print volumes must be requested from storage using volume number. Declassified Documents Reference System. These formerly classified government publications are now available to researchers. Early Encounters in North America. Full text data base specifically for primary sources.

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The Gilded Age. Alexander Street Press. Items in this database range from primary sources that were created in to contemporary scholarship. Historical Abstracts.

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Indexes articles pertaining to European, Asian, African, and Oceania history after New York Times, North American Women's Letters and Diaries. US Congressional Serial Set. Provides searchable fulltext in facsimile format, beginning in When completed in , this database will encompass Included are many congressional committee reports, presidential communications to Congress, treaty materials, executive department publications, and maps and illustrations. This is a key resource for primary documents pertaining to American history.

See also the listing for the American State Papers database above. American Journeys. Full text eyewitness accounts of North American exploration from the Vikings to the early s. American Memory. This site at the Library of Congress includes numerous full text collections in many subject areas.

This site at the Library of Congress provides full text searching for the American State Papers, a collection of congressional and executive documents from to British History Online. Especially useful for full text primary sources from the British Parliament from to A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation. Library of Congress. Read newspapers from from California, District of Columbia, Florida, Kentucky, New York, Utah, and Virginia and find information about American newspapers published between present.

Chronology of U. Historical Documents University of Oklahoma. Colorado's Historic Newspapers. Includes Water Resources and Agricultural and Natural Resources Archives; University publications, records and photographs; manuscript and rare book collections.

Resources and power

Footnote TM. The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives The Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives maintains an online archive of governors from that were, at one time, on the websites of the respective governors. Included are text, audio and images on the following categories: inaugurations, the Kentucky Derby, photographs, media events and conference, press releases, speeches and website snapshots. Also included are newspaper clippings, but without descriptions, a researcher would have to go through the newspapers individually to find information.

Interviews with audio and transcript are available for Governor Edwards T. Breathitt Simple layout and easy to use website. Good resource for images. This is an excellent, interesting site. Louisiana State Library State documents pertaining to the Office of the governor are available through the State Library.

A PDF catalog that lists official available documents since can be downloaded and instructions for obtaining archival material from the Library is available on the website. The Louisiana Library System The Louisiana Library System maintains a digital archive of historical documents that can be searched for those pertaining to the Office of the governor. Successful hits included public opinion surveys on recent governors, photos and official government documents. The Long Legacy Project A separate website is maintained for Huey Long by the Long Legacy Project through which pictures and information regarding his time as Governor can be accessed.

History and American Studies: Uncovering Primary Sources

Wisdom Collection on Huey Pierce Long. Instructions for obtaining archival material from the University is available on the website.

Louisiana State University Louisiana State University maintains the political papers of family members related to prominent Louisiana politicians; of particular interest are those pertaining to the Long family including Governors Huey Long and Earl Long Standard finding aids are available for download as PDF along with instructions on how to obtain the non-digitized material from the University. Subjects emphasized are Maine state government, conservation, and the history and development of Baxter State Park.

The collection has its own special catalog as well as a printed guide. The Maine Historical Society The Maine Historical Society maintains and online database of archival material that can be searched through for documents pertaining to the office of the governor. It is a work in progress. The catalog of objects has more descriptions for objects whose images have not yet been uploaded, but even without the image, a researcher can still find out what is in the collection.