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To get information containing at least one expression, the expressions should be connected by OR operator.

The text expression is a word or part of the word. More precise ways of searching are described in the examples below. When using text search, special operators, which define the range of searched expressions, can be used. The following list presents examples of the available operators. The examples concern nomenclature code descriptions in English. The main purpose of the list is to present search operator basics. Due to modifications or updates of the Master Tariff data the actual search results may look a bit different.

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Example: when searching for "potatoes OR meat", the results contain the words "potatoes" or "meat" or both of them. After the expression and the selected area Scope have been entered, TARBEL displays additional information containing the entered expression. The Correlation table is a tool that helps traders to find out which of the nomenclature codes are affected by those changes.

Searching for a geographical area consists of searching for the country or country group.

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Certificates are not integrated as separate measure types, but as conditions of the various measure types, for example Veterinary control, Tariff preferences, Preferential tariff quota, etc. Here the user can search and view details of certificates. Additional codes are optional and used to differentiate or to specialise measure applicability. This function allows to search and view Quotas quotas defined in the system. One can search quotas by quota number, country code, critical status and status. After the search, a list of found quotas will be displayed. This function allows to download a report which contains all the measures applied to the selected goods nomenclature codes and the selected simulation date.

This function allows users who intend to load into their own IT systems and databases the Tariff data maintained by Tariff system. The XML extractions include collections of hierarchical Tariff objects, the links between different Tariff objects and reference attributes that allows unambiguous identification of the object in the XML extractions. In Tariff Consultation, when searching for "Correlation table", "Geographical areas", "Certificates", "Additional codes", "Footnotes" and "Quotas" none, one or more blank fields can be filled-in as search criteria.

If all blank field are left empty except for Geographical areas category , the system shows all available results for the chosen category. Criteria filter the search request. Bellow some examples of generic search.

The Meursing menu allows user to calculate Meursing code, or display values of components based on the known code. It is also possible to enter the known Meursing code in order to display the corresponding values of components. Toggle navigation. Simulation date: Caution: Simulation date not current! Tariff Information - Help. The Tariff portal is composed with 3 main components: Home, Tariff consultation and Meursing.

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When using the tariff consultation, it is possible to: Browse data concerning goods nomenclature, duty rates and other measures, and also additional information Legal Notes, Binding Tariff Information, Classifications Search for text expressions in the areas mentioned above and in the goods nomenclature code descriptions area.

Search for a goods code in correlation table. Search for geographical areas countries, regions and groups through their codes. Search for certificates. Search for additional codes.

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Search for footnotes. Search for quotas. Download Printed tariff. Download XML extractions. The Meursing allows to: Calculate Meursing additional codes based on agricultural components. Daily news The ten most daily news messages are displayed on the Home page A link "More" leads to the Daily news web page where you can find all the daily news messages.

Last update date This indicates the date of the last update for data which can be displayed, searched with the Tariff Consultation. Union measures are identified by the Union flag and national measures by the Belgian flag. Goods nomenclature code This is the code which allows for hierarchical classification of goods. After the code has been entered, TARBEL displays the code within the nomenclature tree or measures assigned to the code or additional information containing the code. The code must have the correct format, that is, it must be the two-, four-, six-, eight- or ten-digit code without space.

After the country has been entered, TARBEL displays all the measures assigned to that country including country groups of which it is a part of. For each country, the line contains the country code and the country name. Additional information This is the information assigned to the entered goods nomenclature code. It is only possible to display these assignments on one search area.

After the goods nomenclature code and the selected area have been entered, TARBEL displays the additional information containing entered code, as already explained in point 3. AND The AND operator is used to search for texts containing at least one occurrence of each of the searched expressions. The AND operator can be combined with all the other operators. OR The OR operator is used to search for texts containing at least one occurrence of each of the searched expressions. The OR operator can be combined with all the other operators. The default search area is "Goods nomenclature codes descriptions".

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Additional information Information that contains the entered expression is searched for. Additional information covers: Goods nomenclature codes descriptions, Legal notes, Classification, etc. Trade Type This determines the movement direction Import or Export. Start date This is the start date for the correlation table search. The field is mandatory. End date This is the end date for the correlation table search. The field is optional: when no date has been entered, The End date is the current date.

The country is searched for by entering the country ISO code for example, "CH" , the country name or a combination of both. The obtained result includes, in addition to the country ISO code and the country name, the codes of all the country groups to which the searched country belongs.

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The obtained result includes the list of all the countries ISO codes which belong to this group. By clicking on a country ISO code of this group, the list of all the groups to which the country belongs is displayed. Description The "Description" field refers to the description of the certificate. It allows a "text search" to find a certificate. Description The "Description" field refers to the description of the additional code.

It allows a "text search" to find an additional code. By entering the two first characters in the footnote, TARBEL displays all the footnotes starting with these characters and their descriptions. Description The "Description" field refers to the description of the footnote. It allows a "text search" to find a footnote. Critical status The critical status indicates that the quota is in a critical status i. In addition to the country of origin, a quota number, critical status or status can be specified.

If the field is " country of origin" is empty, TARBEL displays quotas regardless of the country of origin Note : the search results show in the column "country of origin" a group country code if the quota is assigned to a whole country group and not only to a specific country.

Status Status displays the status of quota open, blocked, unblocked, etc. Quota details Detailed information related to status, balance, associated nomenclature codes and associated sub-quotas. It will be selected from the drop-down list. The user can choose to download selected. The search engine is case sensitive cf. Belgium is not included in the search results. The particular advantages of thermionic circuitry are significant reductions in size and mass of heat dissipation and radiation shield subsystems.

Preliminary analysis on in-core fuel management optimization of molten salt pebble-bed reactor.